Continuing Education

Completing Continuing Medical Education classes is the primary method that EMTs pursue in order to be eligible for recertification every two years. With Massachusetts' switch to the NREMT's Continued Competency Program (NCCP), BLS providers must now complete a total of 40 hours of continuing education classes broken down as follows:

Here is a powerpoint that details how to upload completed contuining education on to the NREMT website. 

NUEMS will offer continuing education classes that fulfill NCCP requirements. Any classes open to the public will be posted in the section below. For more information contact our Continuing Medical Education Coordinator at


All Con-Ed classes that are open to the public will be posted here. 

NUEMS offers free continuing education to its active members. Details are sent to members via Engage and through email. Please direct any questions to our training officers at

Con-Ed Rosters


Field Training Lecture: 04/04/24

Back to the Basics: 03/28/24

Ye Olde Stethoscope: 03/14/24

Airway Management: 02/29/24

Syncope: 02/22/24

Tactical EMS: 02/08/24

Winter Emergencies: 02/01/24

Seizures: 01/25/2024

De-escalation: 01/18/2024


Pediatric Emergencies - 12/07/2023

Proper Medflight Utilization - 11/02/2023

Shock Identification and Management - 10/12/2023

MA Protocol Update - 03/16/2023

Medical Assessment - 03/02/2023

OBGYN Emergencies - 02/23/2023

Traumatic Emergencies - 02/09/2023

EMS Medications - 02/02/2023 

Assisting Providers with IVs - 01/12/2023


Scene Safety and BSI - 11/10/2022

Paramedic/Basic Interface - 11/03/2022

Stop the Bleed - 10/13/2022

Trauma Assessment - 10/06/2022

Obstetric Emergencies - 03/31/2022

Neurological Emergencies - 03/24/2022

Trends in EMS Research - 03/10/2022

Immunological Emergencies - 03/03/2022

Geriatric Emergencies - 02/24/2022

Diabetic Emergencies - 02/03/2022


De-escalation - 11/18/2021

Trauma MCI - 10/28/2021

Infection Control - 10/14/2021

Pediatric Emergencies - 09/30/2021

Stop the Bleed - 09/23/2021

My my, it's an MI - 03/11/2021 (2hr)

GI Emergencies and Interventions - 03/04/2021


Drug and Alcohol Training - 11/12/2020

Pharmacology - 10/08/2020

Pediatric Emergencies - 02/16/2020

Neurological Emergencies - 02/14/2020

Orthopedic Emergencies - 01/23/2020

EMT Basic Drugs Review - 01/16/2020


Respiratory Emergencies - 12/04/2019

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up - 11/07/2019

Trauma - 10/31/2019

Cardiac Emergencies - 10/24/2019

MA Protocols Review - 9/19/2019

Equipment Operations - 02/07/2019

Pre-Hospital Burn Management - 01/31/2019


Trauma and Bleeding Control - 11/08/2018

LGBTQ Emergencies - 11/01/2018

Respiratory Distress - 10/25/1018

MA Protocol Updates - 10/25/2018

Drugs and Alcohol - 10/18/2018

Documentation - 10/11/2018

ALS-BLS Interface - 04/05/2018

Pediatric Respiratory Distress - 03/22/2018

Assessment and Management of Orthopedic Injuries - 03/01/2018

Sepsis at the Basic Level - 02/22/2018

Extrication - 02/08/2018

Common FAQs

What types of continuing education courses does NUEMS offer?

A: All continuing education courses offered during regularly scheduled meetings are free and qualify for your state or local NREMT component. They DO NOT qualify as part of your national component. 

What qualifies as my National Continuing Education requirement?

A: Any course that has a National Continued Competency Requirements (NCCR) approval certification will fulfill your national component. The NCCR includes specific topics and outlines which are provided to instructors by the National Registry in the National Continued Competency Requirements (NCCR) EMT and Paramedic Education Guides. NUEMS provides the NCCR course on a needs based basis and may not be offered every year. NCCR courses can be found throughout the metro Boston area.

Which EMT identification number should I use when signing the roster?

A: You should use your MA licence number when signing MA sponsored continuing education courses. This includes all NUEMS continuing education courses. 

Can I receive continuing education course credit with NUEMS if I am not a MA EMT?

A: Unfortunately, no. You must have a MA EMT licence to qualify for MA sponsored continuing education credit.  

Help! I forgot to sign the roster. What should I do?

A: Don't panic! Email your training officers at and let them know that you forgot to sign the roster. They will cross check with the sign in sheet and bring it to the next meeting for you to sign.