The concept of Northeastern University Emergency Medical Service group (NUEMS) started in the Summer of 2006 when three Northeastern University Students joined together with the hopes of creating a student-run, Emergency Medical Service on campus to provide support to the Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD). Nearly three years later, during the Fall Semester of 2008, and after endless proposal drafts and administrative meetings, the student group NUEMS was formed.

Though the organization and it's founders have encountered generally overwhelming support from administration, faculty, and medical directors in the Boston area, we are still in talks with NUPD, University Health and Counseling Services, and the Athletics Department to determine how it's members can safely administer medical care to the NU Community. Our hope is that NUEMS will act as an adjunct to NUPD in emergency responses on campus as well as medical coverage of Northeastern-sanctioned events. By doing this, the group would offer valuable experiential learning and hands on experience to Northeastern University students interested in emergency medical services and leadership while providing quality public services to the Northeastern University Community.

However, NUEMS strives to go beyond EMS coverage. Also of importance to NUEMS are educational opportunities and Public Safety, both for its members and the NU community at large. As part of our goals, we will seek to offer CPR training, EMS awareness events, skills maintenance opportunities, as well as facilitating State-approved continuing education, and EMT certification.