Srinithya Suma Panamgipalli

Suma Panamgipalli is a 4th year Health Science Major from Hillsborough, NJ. She has been an EMT for four years and has been a part of NUEMS since her freshman year. She has worked as an EMT in NJ and Boston, helped staff NUEMS games, and worked at Brigham and Women’s as a PCA. In her free time she enjoys photography, yoga, and running. 

Vice President

Elysia Rodrigues

Chief | Co-Director of Operations

Adrianna Totten

Adriana is a 3rd year Health Science Major from Chester, New Jersey. She is on the Pre-Medical track, and has a Global Health minor. She currently works with Coastal Medical Transportation Services as an EMT, and in the Brigham and Women’s Emergency Room as an ER Tech. Beyond EMS, she loves animals and the outdoors, as she grew up on a farm and riding horses! 

Presidential Advisors

Domenic Corey, MPH, NREMT-P, I/C, AHA BLS Instructor

Eric Chiang, RN, BSN, EMT-B, AHA BLS Instructor

Benjamin Hoenig, EMT-B, AHA BLS Instructor

Brian Nan, EMT-B, AHA BLS Instructor

Co-Director of Education

Hailey Bates

Co-Director of Education

Laura Chu

CPR Coordinator

Liesha Yenduri

CPR Coordinator

Riya Kadakia

SIM Coordinator

Jazmine Dixon

Co-Director of Clinical Training

Jayden Chiasson

Jayden Chiasson is a second-year Nursing Student from Marlborough, MA. He has been an EMT for almost two years, and has both prehospital and in hospital care experience. In his free time, Jauden plays piano, cooks, and volunteers. 

Co-Director of Clinical Training

Maddy Wright

Maddy Wright is a second-year Health Science Major, possibly on a pre-med or pre-pa track. She has been an EMT at Westport Volunteer EMS since her senior year of high school (fun fact: she took the class with her sister!). In Maddy's free time, she loves to read, listen to music, and binge watch TV when she finds a good TV show. 

Co-Director of HR

Cheyenne Chin

Co-Director of HR

Stefany Lin


Shreya Srinivasan

Member Affairs Officer

Joshua Moses

Public Relations Officer

Abigail Krivopal

Website Administrator

Blake Rappaport

Blake Rappaport is a 2nd year Business Administration: Healthcare Management and Consulting Major from Ardsley, NY. He has been an EMT for one year and has been a part of NUEMS since his first year. He has volunteered at his local ambulance corps. in NY for two years. This past summer, he worked for his county as an EMT at festivals, the local amusement park first aid station, and fire class stand-bys. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, walking, and watching TV shows on Netflix.

of Operations

Samantha Lauer

Head of

To Be Determined

Assistant Director
of EMS Operations

Mia Galante

Athletics and Events Manager

Simran Sohal


Abigail Damasio

Abby Damasio is a 3rd year pre-medical student from Webster, MA. She has been a part of NUEMS for one year and works as an EMT for Brewster Ambulance. Abby currently works at Massachusetts General Hospital as a Research Intern for Steele Laboratories. Her hobbies include baking, crocheting, and traveling.

Scheduling Manager

Silver Flamuraj