Northeastern University Emergency Medical Services - NUEMS - is a volunteer, student-run organization that currently provides EMS coverage to Northeastern events. We are devoted to providing leadership, experiential and educational opportunities to our members including continuing medical education classes.

We are also committed to members of the community through our dedication to community outreach and education. We currently offer CPR classes, a clinical lecture series, continuing education, and a BLS refresher course to the community. We are also proud to have the responsibility of managing the campus AED program. NUEMS is now recognized as a HEARTSafe Community by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

NUEMS hopes to serve the Northeastern University community in the future by providing excellent, prompt, and professional responses to all medical emergencies and ensuring a safer and healthier campus to live and learn.

NUEMS has gone virtual! Meetings every other Thursday from 7 - 8 PM. See you there!


With Northeastern's decision to switch to online classes for Spring 2020, NUEMS will no longer be holding regular weekly meetings. CPR classes have also been suspended indefinitely in compliance with COVID-19 best practices set forth by the University.