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Meeting Minutes - Spring 2014

NUEMS Meeting on January 22nd 2014

Nick Pittman began the meeting on January 22nd, 2014 at 6:30pm. He explained that the positions for next year's E-Board will be up for nominations which will be made during the course of the meeting. He gave a quick update about continuing education hours which will be available to members in the coming months. Nick Sherman explained that he was in the process of getting more hours of con-ed approved by the state for the future. We will be trying to fix our PCR system and find a way to comply with all laws including HIPAA. Nominations were then presented to the group with the following members in the given positions, consolidated from last year:

President - Anna Bouck
Director of HR - Nick Goon and Ben Silverstein
Director of Operations - Adam Cutler and Eric Chiang
Director of Education - Nick Sherman
Public Relations and Member Affairs Officer - Nyera Youssef, Benchize, Hannah Groudas and Ben Silverstein
Treasurer - Swapnil Pandya and Francisco
Operational Support Supervisor - Eric Chiang and Aiden
Scheduling Coordinator - Ben Silverstein and Nick Goon
CPR Coordinator - Shawn
Con-Ed Coordinator - Francisco, Hannah Groudas and Amelia

It was decided that members would be able to vote on the candidates online by a survey function and the results will be announced at the next meeting. The uniforms have been shipped and will be in soon. The meeting was adjourned at 7:14pm.

ing on January 15th 2014

The bi-weekly meeting of NUEMS on January 15th, 2014 began at 1830 hrs with an introduction from President Nick Pittman. He introduced NUEMS to members and explained how members have the opportunity to staff Men's Varsity Hockey and Basketball Games during the semester. He explained some of the past lecture series that we have been able to host, including a lecture from Dr. Pittman, detailing oral and maxillofacial surgery. 

Nick them proceeded to discus the upcoming election process. The process allows members to be nominated or nominate themselves for Executive board positions at the next meeting. He mentioned that departing E-Board members will be also be nominating members for positions. 

E-board members' emails and let members ask any questions they have about the organization.

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