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Meeting Minutes - Fall 2013

All past meeting minutes from fall 2013 will be posted here.

NUEMS Meeting on November 6th 2013

Meeting was held at 6:30 PM  in 230 Dodge Hall. Nick Pittman announced the upcoming events including a lecture series, BLS refresher course, and more hockey games for students to staff.  Students were encouraged to sign up for the upcoming basketball and hockey games and were told that a large opportunity for NUEMS is in the near future if games are well staffed.  Members were reminded to make sure they had a uniform that met NUEMS standards and were free to pay Eric Chiang for the opportunity to buy uniforms.  These uniform options included polos, pants, and job shirts.  Members must write a check or pay in cash by this Friday to receive their uniform.  Members were informed that upcoming opportunities for continuing education would be held in future meetings that included lifting and moving patients.  All members are encouraged to attend these meetings to help meet the necessary requirements for recertification.

NUEMS Meeting on October 23rd 2013

Meeting was held at 6:30 PM in 230 Dodge Hall. Christian led the meeting on writing PCR narratives.  The group was told of the importance of a well-written PCR and that it should allow anyone reading it to envision the call, as PCRs are legal documents that may be called in court. Christian explained the two styles of narrative writing - SOAP and CHART. Christian had Regina write a narrative after giving her a scenario. The group helped and collaborated on the narrative. Afterward, the narrative was critiqued and evaluated. Christian then wrote a narrative to demonstrate how he prefers to write them. Christian also showed the group a lengthy narrative he wrote for an actual call he responded to. The ePCR will be demonstrated at later time.

NUEMS Meeting on October 9th 2013

Meeting was held in Matthew's Arena. Nick began the meeting by giving at tour of Matthews.  The group was broken up into different stations to practice skills. Members were informed that hockey game standbys start on Friday October 11th and will need staffing by 2 Senior EMTs, 2 Junior EMTs, as well as by Christian Director of Ops. Scheduling will be through the website You will sign up for 1 of 10 spots for EMTs, or 1 of 2 for non-EMTs. If you are chosen to work that slot, you will receive an email prior to the game with details of your assignment. Please ensure you are available for the slot before signing up. 

Uniforms ordering was discussed. Uniforms shirts will be required for working as an EMT with NUEMS. The order form can be found here

NUEMS Meeting on September 25th 2013

Nick began the meeting by introducing the upcoming events and progress that is being made by NUEMS.  A refresher course is available later in the year and done members showed interest. Christian then discussed the opportunity of staffing all home varsity games and possibly intramural games later on. Members can receive continuing education, a refresher course, discounts to websites, and experience for resumes. A Google document will be placed online so members can sign up to staff varsity games. One senior member will work with a junior member at each game to ensure proper procedure. To become a leader in the group, members must show up to meeting and staff games through the year.

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NUEMS Meeting on September 11th 2013

The E-board introduced themselves to the members and explained their background in the EMS field.  We reviewed the club mission statement and history of our club as it is relatively new and growing quickly.  We explained the different responsibilities and activities NU EMS participates in currently and our goals for the coming years, including a non-transporting first response vehicle as well as an EMS presence in more sports events on campus.  The president, Nick Pittman, explained the ways in which members can participate and how to stay certified in Massachusetts with the new NREMT standards.  We then split into groups to work with EMT equipment and educate members on EMT procedures.


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